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Side of Brown Rice

Small Brown Rice $4.95* Medium Brown Rice $7.95* Large Brown Rice $9.95* *make it coconut brown rice $1.95

Side of Jasmine Rice

Small Jasmine Rice $3.95* Medium Jasmine Rice $5.95* Large Jasmine Rice $7.95* *make it coconut jasmine rice $1.95

Side Sauce Orders

Amarin Hot Sauce $2.50/oz Amarin Hot Sauce Mason Jar $12 Peanut Sauce $2.50 Plum Sauce $2.50 Cucumber Sauce $2.50

Add-ons to Appetizer’s

Add spring roll: $2.75 each Add prawn roll: $3.50 each Add chicken satay: $3.75 each (only able to add to full orders of each item)

Add-ons to any meal

Add extra pork, or chicken: $5.00 Add extra beef or prawns or squid: $6.50

P7 Vegetarian Pad Thai

Pan fried rice noodles with tofu, mixed vegetables and topped with bean sprouts and green onions. $16.95

P6 Pad Himaparn

Sauteed cashew nuts, mixed vegetables all simmered in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. $16.95

P5 Tofu Delight

Sauteed tofu with mixed vegetables and fresh basil. $16.95

P4 Masamau Tofu

A mild Southern Thai curry with tofu, pineapple, and mixed vegetables. $16.95

P3 Pad Tua Hong

Sauteed fresh bean sprouts with tofu and green onions. $16.95